JusticeBid Releases JB Supplier Diversity Module to Help Companies Easily Report Out on the Diversity of Their Supply Chain

With Diversity Top of Mind for the Entire Legal Ecosystem, JusticeBid Introduces JB Supplier Diversity to Give Companies Unparalleled Insight into the Diversity of their Entire Supply Chain (Tier 1), and the Diversity of their Suppliers' Supply Chain (Tier 2)

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JusticeBid, the leading legal diversity analytics platform and e-Sourcing company, today announced the launch of JB Supplier Diversity, a self-service product that allows JusticeBid customers the ability to quickly and easily collect and view the diversity of the entirety of their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, from law firms to consultants, to legal tech providers and more. JB Supplier Diversity is the only legal diversity analytics solution on the market today to capture, in an automated way, the diversity of companies' downstream supply chains, fostering more inclusive supply chains.

"To date, the core focus of the legal industry has been by far the diversity of law firms only, and that's focused mainly on the large law firms. To that end, JusticeBid's Operation Empowering Change (OEC) initiative solves the corporate legal department pain of more seamlessly and effectively assessing the diversity of their law firms and the diversity on their matters. But diversity in legal does not start and end with law firms," says Omar Sweiss, CEO of Justice Bid. "Diversity in legal means we need to be assessing the diversity of all players in the ecosystem beyond just law firms, and that means the entire supply chain of all companies in legal."

JB Supplier Diversity provides companies a seamless way to collect, analyze, and report Tier 1 and Tier 2 spend with diverse-owned suppliers. Data is visualized in an easy-to-use dashboard enabling companies to see the diversity of their multi-tier spend by spend category, where they can use filters to dive into data in more detail. JB Supplier Diversity also provides a straightforward way for client's Tier 1 suppliers to report their diverse-owned spend with small and diverse businesses, resulting in a Tier 2 Diversity Spend Report for the clients. This report breaks down the spend and allows filtering by diversity classification, certification, and more. 

"JusticeBid has been leading the way for Diversity Analytics in Legal, moving the market forward at a blazing speed. Administering a supplier diversity program can be daunting for anyone, let alone a legal department. Using our team's experiences as lawyers, sourcing professionals, and legal ops professionals, JusticeBid makes reporting out on and sourcing of the diversity of legal spend simple and straightforward for everyone in the supply chain," says Sweiss. "My commitment is to ensure that every company in the legal industry can easily gain visibility into the diversity of their supplier network and use sourcing to make it more equitable and inclusive."

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JusticeBid, headquartered in Chicago, is a minority-owned diversity analytics and e-sourcing company transforming how companies embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into their business operations through data intelligence and transparency tools, and is a founding member of the "Operation Empowering Change" initiative designed to facilitate DEI data collection to support change in the legal industry. Legal operations teams also rely on JusticeBid's robust RFP/e-auction SaaS technology to save time and money in sourcing legal services, while driving diverse representation on their matters. Learn more at justicebid.com.


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