JusticeBid Announces Key Hires and Kimberly Bell as Strategic Advisor

JusticeBid, a diversity analytics and e-sourcing platform transforming how companies embed DEI into their business operations, announces the hiring of seasoned procurement executive, Jill Ivancich, Chief Revenue Officer; experienced sales leader Mark Harris, VP of Sales; and NFL Super Bowl Champion Emmanuel Smith, Sales Executive. Notably, consultant and industry veteran Kimberly Bell has also joined as a strategic advisor.

"I have always been a firm believer in responsible growth. The addition of this stellar cast of professionals, who work tirelessly on DEI, is not only responsible but necessary to meet the ever-expanding demands of our clients and the legal industry as a whole," said Omar Sweiss, Founder and CEO of JusticeBid.

Strategic Advisor: Kimberly was previously Head of Legal Operations at Nissan North America. Her 20+ years of experience includes operations leadership within Fortune 500 companies and large law firm management, as well as in consulting roles, offering guidance and value to successful client teams.

"Justice Bid's technology is bringing unprecedented, and much needed, transparency to the diversity of law firms in general and the diversity related to clients' specific matters. I'm excited to join and serve as an advisor to further their mission of providing actionable data and metrics that fuel real and sustainable change in the legal industry," added Kimberly Bell.

Chief Revenue Officer: Jill Ivancich, previously the CEO of a global e-sourcing technology and procurement consulting company, joins the JusticeBid team with over 30 years of senior-level management experience. From Fortune 1000 companies to startups, Jill has driven high sales growth in over 25 countries, successful strategic business initiatives, cost-containment, operational efficiencies and mergers and acquisitions. Jill was named a "Pro to Know" by leading industry publication Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

VP of Sales: Mark Harris is an experienced marketing and sales professional in both Fortune 500 corporations and small family-run businesses. Responsible for multiple successful startups, he is the Co-Founder of Equip Products, Inc., where he has led the charge to create inclusive opportunities in Health and Fitness for the Differently Abled Community.

Sales Executive: Emmanuel Smith, an NFL Super Bowl Champion with the Kansas City Chiefs, is excited for the opportunity to help transition the legal industry from diversity-related commitments and pledges (which are very similar to the NFL's Rooney Rule) to active engagement, with the hope of actively driving change and producing demonstrable results. 

JusticeBid is a founding member of the Operation Empowering Change (OEC) initiative designed to standardize DEI data collection and solve for intersectionality, a key factor that masks true progress in DEI in the legal industry. 

In less than a year, OEC has more than 120 participating law firms (including 30% of the Am Law 100), over 70 corporate law departments, and diversity data on nearly 30,000 U.S.-based attorneys, which is presented to corporate law departments via dashboards that can be sliced and diced like never before. 

"The business case for DEI is stronger than ever, but we're still far from creating the meaningful change that we want to see. Our technology helps corporate law departments anchor their initiatives with transparency, authenticity and real data," said Sweiss.

About JusticeBid

JusticeBid, headquartered in Chicago, is a minority-owned diversity analytics and e-sourcing company transforming how companies embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into their business operations through data intelligence and transparency tools. It optimizes corporate law departments' DEI programs by taking on the burden of complex diversity data tracking of outside counsel, thereby saving in-house resources, enabling law departments to skip the data collection and analysis process, and at the same time, significantly reducing the number of firmwide surveys that law firms are asked to complete. Legal operations teams also rely on JusticeBid's robust RFP/e-auction SaaS technology to save time and money in sourcing legal services while driving diverse representation on their matters.


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