Just Released - Our First Animated Children's Picture Book for the iPad

Cristine Caton is pleased to announce the release of Hector Goes to School, an animated children's picture made for the iPad.

Hector Goes to School, Story and Activity Book  is fully animated and interactive book designed for preschool up to about 2nd grade.   This book was formatted for the iPad using IBooks Author. The story section was animated in Tumult Hype and the games widgets were formatted using Tumult Hype, iAds Producer and  Bookry.

Hector is a cute and energetic puppy.  He loves to run and play.  Hector loves people too - maybe a little to much so that Hector's master decides he needs to learn some manners.

The book is divided into 4 sections.  In the first section, “Read to me” listen as the story is read aloud.  (Make sure the sound is tuned up.)  The pages come to life when the characters move around the screen.

The second section is “Read Myself”.  Take time and read the story aloud. The characters come to life here also and some characters can be moved around on the page.

The third section,  "Fun and Games.”  is chock-full of different activities.  There are 16 buttons and each button has at least two (and sometimes more) activities.  As each activity is finished simply close the page and move on.

The activities are a mixture - ranging from coloring pages to jigsaw puzzles, match up and unscramble the words.  Some of them are easy. Some are a little harder and may need parental help, especially for the younger child.

The last section tell all about Caton Publications and the other books published.  Most of them are in paperback but will be interactive books in the near future.  The next interactive book is called Andy's Day on the Farm.

Hector Goes to School can be purchased at the iTunes book store by visiting http://cefathecat.com/interactive-books.html and clicking on the link.  Peruse the list of books, both paperback and now the new animated books.  

There are links that connect with the book trailer videos on youtube as well as a Facebook page for fans. 

For more information please contact Cristine Caton at catonpub@cefathecat.com

Source: Caton Publications

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