Just Launched! - Craft.io Is a New Word in Product Management

Craft.io - the fastest growing tool for product managers is launched and ready to provide smart and understandable agile management solutions to professional, as well as beginning product managers from around the world.

Great product roadmap tool

Craft.io, claimed to be the fastest growing tool for product managers, is finally accomplished to provide open-minded and curious product managers fully with the innovative, agile product management solutions.

The service offers an awesome way of defining and planning your user stories, story maps, sprints and roadmaps with the help of up to date and well organized online mapping and story mapping tools worldwide.

See pricing plans here https://craft.io/pricing.html

Nir Erlich, Co-Founder and CEO @ Craft

Craft users will be able to start building their business immediately: create epics, user stories, mark them, add design, behaviours or any other extra data in one click and within a page. The developers also distinguish working in a complete sync with the development, design and QA work flows as the major advantages of their product management service tool. Furthermore, Craft offers a complete work integration: the users work flow tools, and visual resources are totally integrated into a real-time regime so that to enable them staying up to speed.

'Craft is built for product managers, to create products, collaborate and communicate internally and externally. It's the only tool that can give anyone a clear understanding of what their product is and where its going, while giving product managers a new way to discover, define and plan their products in a powerful, intuitive way. ' - Nir Erlich, Co- Founder and CEO

The last, but not the least is that the newly launched service allows the most driven and smart product managers to collaborate and share. They can cooperate with any design, development team, product or business in one useful spot, as well as share their experience with the partners or team members within a second. Everyone can see where they are going at and easily follow them. Since the roadmaps are taken directly from epics and user stories sections, it allows them to be understood and shared by anyone.

Craft emphasises the importance of easy keeping both stakeholders and the development team on the know and reflecting the most up to date plan data. The intelligence that is behind the product definition each product manager can understand is a strong suit of Craft.io.

About Craft:

Craft is the fast growing Israeli-based product management tool, one of the leading road mapping and story mapping instruments for both beginning and professional product managers with the ultimate goal of helping them build better and smarter products all around the globe.

To find out more information about the tool visit https://craft.io/

Source: https://craft.io/

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