Crushing of Candies Was So Yesterday. Today Crush Enemies!

What if Tetris and Candy Crush had a child in a Heartstone world? The answer would be Jungle Crush!

The plane crashed in a jungle full of deadly monsters! Crush enemies with bricks while protecting the heroes from being crushed by the bricks themselves! Collect rare gems and earn the trust of Jungle Friends along the way. Explore ever-changing environments from the overgrown jungles and spider-filled caves. Jungle Crush is easy to learn, but can be hard to master. It will be a dangerous journey and only the bravest of adventurers will be able to make it through this quest alive!  Play free and feel the frenzy. 

- Intense fast-paced arcade action! Simple to learn, difficult to master!
- Collect gems and find new Jungle Friends
- Lots of endearing Jungle Friends – from Lions to Piranhas! Collect them all!
- Lots of levels and enemies to beat in the jungle puzzle​.

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