June Issue of Ultrapure Water Covers Electrodeionization Water Treatment

The June Ultrapure Water journal reviews features three technical articles with in-depth information about the use of electrodeionization in water treatment. EDI is a treatment technology that is environmentally friendly.

Littleton, Colo.-Over the years, electrodeionization (EDI) has emerged as a water treatment technology that works well to provide high-purity water in an environmentally friendly manner. Unlike traditional ion exchange, EDI does not require chemical regeneration, or the on-site storage of hazardous chemicals. The June on-line issue of Ultrapure Water features three articles on the use of EDI for water treatment in industrial applications.

One feature article by Steve Gagnon and Jeff Hartman provides a case history on the use of EDI in Puerto Rico. The article examines the use of EDI for treating water at a cogeneration plant, and compares it to the use of conventional ion exchange and reverse osmosis treatment approaches. One use of the treated water is for control of nitrogen oxide in the cogeneration plant gas turbines.

A second feature article by Devesh Mittal, V.J. Nathan, and Narender Singh Bisht looks at a fractional electrodeionization (FEDI), a technology that is similar to traditional EDI, but has improvements to better transport water contaminants into the reject stream. The article reviews the use of FEDI and its performance at two Texas power plants. FEDI differs from conventional EDI because it uses a special membrane media that aim to minimize pressure drop and to more quickly remove water contaminants.

The June Back to Basics column by Robert Decker introduces how EDI works. Readers learn about the type of membranes used in EDI and the way this deionization technology purifies water.

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