Jumpstart Micro Launches Three New Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities

Jumpstart Micro's equity crowdfunding portal features new live offerings from Axe Digital, TravelBook App, and Treycent, allowing average Americans to make small investments in startup ventures.

Jumpstart Micro

​​​​​​​​​Jumpstart Micro's equity crowd investing portal features new live offerings from Axe Digital, TravelBook App, and Treycent.

Boston, Massachusetts – Investing just got exciting as Jumpstart Micro, a unique SEC-registered equity crowdfunding portal has just released three exciting investment opportunities.

Launched in light of Title III of the JOBS Act, which just months ago opened the doors for average Americans to support entrepreneurs and make investments in private companies while also providing entrepreneurs with a large new pool of potential investors, Jumpstart Micro is building a community to bring both together like never before.

Through Jumpstart Micro, investors are now able to make investments in startups and small businesses, gain equity, and support entrepreneurs and innovative companies that align with their own interests and passions, while entrepreneurs can promote their offers to and connect with a community of potential investors.

“We’re truly excited to announce these first projects to the public, each doing something new and innovative in a different industry,” says Stephen Catanzano, President of Jumpstart Micro.

“We play a unique role in helping to bring entrepreneurs and investors together through our portal in a whole new way. Equity crowdfunding is not only about raising money; it’s about getting market validation, fostering new ideas, creating jobs, and inspiring innovation,” adds Catanzano.

For as little as a couple hundred dollars, an investor can support entrepreneurs and projects through crowdinvestingJumpstart Micro is excited to highlight its three newest equity crowdfunding investment opportunities to potential investors.

Axe Digital Guitar based out of Columbus, Ohio is a fantasy guitar designed to let users play like their favorite guitar legend in minutes without any musical training. The technology has been in development for three years, and now the company is raising capital to begin production and explore technology licensing. 

TravelBook App located in New York City is a mobile social media platform for travelers. By creating a trip on the app, users can easily meet and get in touch with other travelers who share the same destination in order to share information, advice, photos and even make friends during or before embarking on their journeys. TravelBook App is seeking funding to implement marketing efforts, enhance its existing iOS application, and build a version for Android users.

Treycent is an increasingly popular mobile app that has gained more than 40,000 downloads in just a few months. For the first time, individuals can retrieve their personal photos, notes, and frequently used web pages by voice command from their smartphonesmartwatch or computer. They can also ask questions to Amazon Alexa's virtual assistant all from one app. Based in Sarasota, Florida, the company is now looking for funding to expand marketing efforts to increase downloads and build its user base.

To learn more about these exciting opportunities, potential investors can join for free at JumpstartMicro.com

About Jumpstart Micro, Inc.

Jumpstart Micro, Inc is a new and exciting equity crowdfunding portal that brings entrepreneurs and investors together like never before. The company is a registered funding portal under SEC regulation Crowdfunding 4(6)(a) and a member of FINRA. Under the regulation, Jumpstart Micro acts as an intermediary platform for Issuers (companies selling securities in compliance with the regulations) and investors (individuals purchasing securities offered by Issuers). Jumpstart Micro does not provide any investment advice or make any investment recommendations to any persons, ever, and at no time does Jumpstart Micro come into possession of investor funds which are transferred directly to a bank escrow account. Please see investor disclosure and risk statement www.jumpstartmicro.com. To learn more, visit JumpstartMicro.com.

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