July's The Singles Scene Column© by Kelly Leary Reveals How to Crush That First Date

Kelly Leary is the founder of Revolution Dating with a master's degree in psychology and wants to help people put their best foot forward on their first date.

Revolution Dating

Kelly Leary of Revolution Dating in Palm Beach Gardens shares valuable advice - especially for first dates - in the July edition of The Singles Scene Column©.  


1. Make that date right away! Once made, be on time. Don't cancel or reschedule. Don't start the date with an apology.

2. Appearance is important. Dress to impress - for the first date it's far better to be overdressed than underdressed. Put the best foot forward.

3. Practice Kindness. A negative attitude is a turnoff. Practice kindness in life, love, work, and play, single or not.

4. Play It Cool. Don't go overboard on the compliments. It's hard to be attracted to a person who is overcompensating. It might be considered flattering but then come across as too pushy. 

5. While on the date, no texting. No exceptions. Leave the phone in the car.

6. Be real and authentic. No wacky ties, no 'over the top' jewelry or makeup or dirty jokes. Be polite to those around and speak highly on life whenever possible, especially on a first date. Don't take over the conversation. There will be much more time to share one's story later.

7. Ask Questions. Listen too! Everyone loves to feel important and interesting. If one can make their date feel these things, chances are he/she will be more attracted.

8. Having a good time? Let it show. Smile. Laugh. A well-placed 'I'm having a great time' is good. Let him/her know and thank them for it too. 

9. Be passionate about sharing information. Be decisive in one's answers, and don't wallow back and forth. Don't bring up past relationships.

10. Keep it light and be positive. Eliminate all talk of medical conditions, politics, and religious ideas. Talk about travels, hobbies, favorite books, or anything else that is light and fun. Don't be so serious. Very few people want to sit through a detailed explanation of one's difficulties.

11. Respect the flow and the concept of a "first date" whether the first date is meant to be 30 minutes or ends up five to six hours of talking.

12. Be circumspect online if talking about the date on social media later. 


Kelly Leary© has 31 years in the dating industry and a master's degree in psychology. She's been profiled by The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beacher Magazine, Stuart News, etc. Revolution Dating is a brick-and-mortar dating agency which pre-screens members, including background checks. Professional photos are taken by the staff. Revolution Dating is not online dating. It connects quality singles, making the perfect match.

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Source: Revolution Dating