July 4 Declared as Black Independence Day With Planned Occupation of Detroit

Nation Time Inc calls for Massive Rally in Detroit in order to Declare Independence, Occupy the city and Demand Compensation for Slavery

Calling it “the boldest move in Black history”, Nation Time Inc., which launched the world's first, 100% Black member-owned social media website, is calling for African Americans to come by the hundreds of thousands to a Detroit area city (Highland Park) in order to occupy it and claim independence from the United States government. Included in this rally is a call for reparations for the human rights abuses stemming from slavery.

After many protests and marches over the past year because of police brutality and other forms of what many citizens considered injustice, this will be the first gathering centered upon separation and independence of the African American community.

“No need to have violent demonstrations crying for justice when you can just establish your own government and give yourself justice with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” says Ramzu Yunus, Nation Time’s founder and President who maintains that “the founding fathers of America set a great example for solving grievances by declaring independence from a ruling power that mistreated them and didn’t honor their petitions for justice”. After living in Africa for nine years and traveling globally interacting with the likes of the late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Mr. Yunus was primed to return to the United States and launch such a controversial action.

In terms of ownership, Nation Time Inc may be or is growing into the largest Black-owned company in history as many African Americans are joining on a daily basis and receiving their free stock share.