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One of the many hot-button topics in the United States today is the state of the healthcare system. Many Americans cannot afford top of the line health care for themselves or their families. But in Northern California, Julia Hashemieh and Bobby Sarnevesht have dedicated their career to helping these families.

Also, as a distinguished Board Member of the Aryana Health Care Foundation, Hashemieh has assisted families in getting the proper aid, no matter what the income. Using some of the most innovative and comprehensive healthcare available, Hashemieh has saved lives and led individuals to top facilities in California.

We will continue to fight for those low-income families and the health care coverage available for them.
Julia Hashemieh
The mission statement of the Aryana Health Care Foundation is uncomplicated. It is to provide free or low-cost medical care to the impoverished population within Northern California. Also, to provide this service with the most advanced technology available.

"Just because a family is down on their luck does not mean they cannot receive top of the line health care," explains Hashemieh. "Also, our foundation points them in the right direction for proper services for these low-income families."

Compassion and Care to Go With Cutting-Edge Healthcare

More importantly, the foundation provides these services with compassion and care. Many families believe because of their income they cannot receive the same healthcare as the wealthy population. They cannot be further from the truth.

The partnership with many of the top physicians and their practices have helped the foundation assist families. The majority of the physicians who perform surgery at Aryana's facilities are partners of SafetyNet.

"Being able to work with these SafetyNet partners have helped us give a new life to many of our patients," adds Hashemieh. "They are continually consulting with our physician partners to assure they have access to the latest technology for our patients. These relationships are truly unique to the healthcare industry."

By dedicating themselves to addressing the needs of their physician partners, the two sides have forged a healthy personal and professional relationship. This relationship is carried over to patients and tending to their needs. The understanding of all parties involved results in caring and compassionate health care services.

Technology is always changing. No matter which industry you chose, the technology seems to change every year. It's even more of an essential factor to keep up with the changing times in the healthcare sector. Such changes can lead to treating a patient whose condition is now more treatable than it was just one year ago.

"We are committed to keeping the latest and most cutting-edge healthcare technology at our facilities," says Hashemieh. "We work closely with the biggest merchants of medical equipment in the world."

Also, these partnerships have helped Aryana train their physician partners, nurses, and healthcare professionals on the most recent technology. This training ensures that resources are managed responsibly to provide efficient and cost-effective services.

Impact On Local Community Is Unmeasurable

Reform of the health care system has had a significant effect on the local communities in Northern California. The foundation works diligently to understand how current healthcare reform will impact patients and coverage.

"Our staff strives to formulate a strategy that enables us to continue to serve the uninsured and under-insured populations," says Hashemieh.

In after the current healthcare provisions, over 20 million citizens will remain uninsured. Also, the foundation continues to fight the complacency about the uninsured and the programs that serve them.

"The bottom line is that the need for our foundation's care and coverage programs will not only continue but will be critical for the community," concludes Hashemieh.

Companies like the Aryana HealthCare Foundation have to be highly dependent on the economic conditions. Also, this fact means the healthcare system has to address all the needs of the impoverished.

"We will continue to fight for those low-income families and the health care coverage available for them," says Hashemieh. "But the number of lives we have changed already will continue to grow."

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