JULABO USA and Memmert USA Announce Strategic Partnership

Combining superior German engineering with American dependability in cannabis processing

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JULABO USA and Memmert USA are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that unites the North American counterparts of two global leaders in temperature control. The marketing agreement outlines several co-branded tactics that will be released throughout the year for promotional use within the cannabis industry. 

"There is no denying that the cannabis industry is one of the country's fastest-growing market segments. Memmert USA has the temperature control solutions the industry needs to meet the continued demand, and we value the relationships and expertise JULABO USA already brings to the table," explained Joshua Persaud, Vice President of Key Accounts and Strategy at Memmert USA. "We look forward to introducing ourselves alongside our partner and providing customers with a seamless experience for their cannabis processing workflow needs."

Temperature affects nearly every aspect of cannabis processing. JULABO USA and Memmert USA offer complementary product solutions that deliver the finest quality of German engineering with the dependability of local sales and service support. 

"The JULABO USA-Memmert USA partnership is a powerful combination. Both companies pride themselves in the design expertise of the German heritage and the accessibility that the American culture has instilled in us. The parallels are obvious - from our competitive advantages to our corporate values," said Dirk Frese, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Service at JULABO USA. "We realize the strengths Memmert USA will bring to the cannabis processing community, and if co-promoting our product lines makes our customers' experience even easier, it's a win for everyone." 

JULABO USA offers a competitive line of recirculating chillers, heating circulators, and highly dynamic temperature control systems that can control temperatures throughout nearly every step of the cannabis processing workflow, from extraction to distillation. Memmert offers versatile equipment for the extraction, decarboxylation and curing processes, including climate chambers and drying and heating ovens. 


JULABO USA is the leader in highly dynamic and precise temperature control solutions for applications in science, research, laboratories, and industry. Products include refrigerated circulators, heated circulators, temperature control systems, recirculating chillers, water baths, flow-through coolers, viscometer baths, sous vide cooking solutions and various accessories.

About Memmert USA

Memmert USA is the innovation leader in the development and production of heating ovens, incubators, climate chambers, and water baths, among others. With cutting-edge technology that encompasses all applications in pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences and the food and beverage verticals, as well as for industrial processes. All parameters are controlled with the utmost precision to ensure quality results and reproducibility in our temperature control devices. German engineering available right here in North America.

The information presented here is solely intended for businesses engaged in the lawful cultivation, manufacturing, processing, and/or distribution of cannabis or hemp-based products in the US or Canada. JULABO USA and Memmert USA's products are to be used for lawful purposes only. Nothing contained here is intended to assist, condone, or promote any violation of any law. JULABO USA and Memmert USA make no representation regarding the legality of cannabis or hemp-based products under the laws applicable to you or your business.


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