Joy Traille's New Book 'The Message of the Priceless Dolls' Is A Meaningful Read That Inspires People To Appreciate Every Single Thing Money Can't Buy

Fulton Books author Joy Traille, a retired microbiologist and a retired business owner and CEO of the Living Life Home Care Company, has completed her most recent book "The Message of the Priceless Dolls": a beautiful tale about a family spending a vacation after a year of quarantine. During this winter getaway, they met someone who made them realize things that the past year has taught. In the end, the family saw that their trip was also something of a priceless one itself.

Traille shares, "During winter, with mountains of snow and a raging pandemic, two little girls along with their parents took a three-day trip to a warm island to get a little reprieve from the cold and from a year of quarantining in their own home. They quickly realized that the pandemic was real wherever they went. Nevertheless, they had a blast on their short getaway. While on the island, the family had an encounter with a woman who shared some very important lessons about priceless things.

"The Message of the Priceless Dolls reinforces the lesson that we should cherish the things that are most meaningful, valuable, and priceless in one's life—things that cannot be exchanged for money."

Published by Fulton Books, Joy Traille's amusing storybook carries a timely and relevant message about embracing life's important and priceless treasures. There are things that constantly change, events that are unexpected, and situations that go unplanned—but life holds priceless ones that are worth remembering.

Readers who wish to experience this exciting work can purchase "The Message of the Priceless Dolls" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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