Jovive Health Launches New Medication-Assisted Treatment Services

Convenient and accessible treatment option for patients with Opioid Use Disorder is now available at all Jovive clinics

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Jovive Health, a provider of flexible, patient-centric primary and urgent care services that is owned and operated by Vituity, is now providing Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) to help diminish the effects of physical dependence to opioids, in its clinics in California, Nevada, and Illinois.  

Long-lasting changes in brain chemistry from chronic opioid use can make discontinuing its use challenging because the physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be unbearable. MAT with buprenorphine decreases the physical symptoms of opioid withdrawals and cravings, enabling patients to safely stop using opioids. Individuals that are prescribed these FDA-approved medications as part of their OUD treatment are 75% less likely to die from an overdose than those who are not, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine

"More than three million people across the U.S. struggle with OUD, which is a chronic brain condition. However, stigmas associated with substance abuse, lack of outpatient programs, and provider shortages can prevent people from seeking help," said Charles Peterson, DO, Addiction Medicine Specialist, Vituity Family Medicine Center. "We believe opioid addiction should be treated with the same compassion, support, and convenience as other areas of medicine. Jovive's MAT program empowers patients in recovery and beyond by helping them overcome OUD." 

Jovive Health clinics offer convenient access to comprehensive primary and urgent care services with extended hours and telehealth appointments. Patients 18 years and older can book online or walk in for a MAT consultation with a provider to confirm eligibility and begin treatment. New patients enroll in a multi-appointment MAT program that is designed to stabilize symptoms and develop an individualized treatment plan. Treatment may be covered by a health plan but is also available at a reasonable out-of-pocket cost. 

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At Jovive Health, we believe better medicine is founded in being connected to our communities, each other, and most importantly, our patients. Jovive Health delivers a flexible, integrated care experience that includes virtual visits, online reservations and walk-ins, and extended hours. Jovive is owned and operated by Vituity, a national physician partnership with a history of healthcare quality and innovation. For addresses, services, and hours, visit

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