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The first step towards recovery from drug addiction and alcohol addiction is to realize that they are addicts.

The first step towards recovery from drug addiction and alcohol addiction is to realize that they are addicts. 92 percent of the people who take up drugs or alcohol simply refuse to or hesitant to accept that they are addicts. This cannot be dealt with alone, as it needs the help of the people around and experts like us to take them to the path to recovery. You can contact us at

Therefore, it is compulsory to make an intervention to properly aid them and guide them and the right time to do this is when you are really worried about your loved ones addiction and you feel they have had enough. The clear fact is there is no point in waiting for a miracle to happen, things will only become worse taking them to point of no return.

We, in Journey Recovery Center offer programs that are effective in treating and helping hundreds of people who have recovered from long term sobriety. These clients of ours have been highly successful in recovering from drug addiction and alcohol addiction and are able to take up good jobs, get back to their family life and ultimately, gain a good and respectable place in the society.

We employ safe and best proven methods of treatment at Journey Recovery Center for drug and alcohol addictions. This is possible by the dedicated staff that offers counseling and takes individual attention on each of our clients. There is a one- on- one on guidance to bring out the best in every person. The clients are able to openly come out with their problems as a result of the empathy and understanding shown by our staff.

The atmosphere is serene with the surrounding mountains. The client can relax and rehabilitate with utmost anonymity. In both alcohol addiction recovery and in drug addiction recovery, various techniques and methods are adopted such as group discussions and individual counseling. This is decided by our staffs that attend them individually and then decide based on the needs and preferences of the client. This, the clients feel highly advantageous because it shows that they are not alone in the battle against addiction and they always have another shoulder to rely upon who offers them the help, support and guidance they need.

All these type of treatments and therapies combined together have a great effect on the clients. Such is the approach of our staff that the clients see them as their mentors, examples and guides who shows them a better and brighter future for them to tread upon.

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