Journalist Ray Suarez Launches Co-Production With Evergreen Podcasts in Time for National Cancer Survivor Month

Evergreen Podcasts

In their first collaboration, Evergreen Podcasts (Evergreen) has partnered with Ray Suarez to produce his storytelling podcast, The Things I Thought About When My Body Was Trying to Kill Me, which explores the ups and downs of his battle against colon cancer, which kills more than 50 thousand Americans every year. 

June commemorates National Cancer Survivors Month in celebration of those who have overcome their struggle against cancer and in honor of those currently fighting. According to the American Association for Cancer Research's website, due  to "spectacular advances in cancer research, more than 16.9 million people in the United States are cancer survivors who are living with, through, and beyond their disease." Evergreen is pleased to support these patients and survivors through the release of this new podcast.

Host Ray Suarez is a writer, broadcaster, author, and podcaster who has worked for PBS, NPR, NBC, CNN, ABC, Al Jazeera, and many others throughout a long career. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in late 2018, and in his new podcast he remembers the struggles of his diagnosis, the effects on his day-to-day life, his methods of coping, and the emotion of being declared "cancer-free." This podcast is a quick and compelling series that Suarez hopes will encourage others in their medical journeys, and remind caregivers of what their loved ones are going through. He said, "While everyone struggles to come to terms with their mortality, cancer patients are forced to deal with the possibility of early death from the day of their diagnosis on. I wanted to capture, as a story, the challenge, and the challenges of reconciling yourself to illness amid hope for recovery."

Evergreen adds this podcast to their growing Health & Wellness channel which boasts several shows from Ars Longa Media and Inside the Boards, the latter of which produces podcasts to help medical students study for their exams. It also joins several storytelling podcasts including 7 Minute Stories and The StoryWorth Podcast. 

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