Journaling Reimagined - Introducing Rosebud: The #1 AI-Powered Journaling App for Mental Health and Personal Growth

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Rosebud, a groundbreaking AI-powered journal that revolutionizes how individuals navigate their mental health, has launched its online platform.

Developed in collaboration with mental health experts and psychologists, Rosebud is designed to guide users through the complexities of their thoughts, actions, and feelings with the assistance of powerful AI. 

The platform offers unique features that go far beyond the traditional journaling experience. Rosebud uses AI to interpret each journal entry, respond with empathetic questions, and provide helpful suggestions for working through mental roadblocks. Each component is designed to help users track and manage their personal growth alongside a digital mentor.

"We believe that everyone deserves a trusted ally in their journey toward mental well-being and personal growth," said Chrys Bader, Rosebud co-founder. "Rosebud is not just a journal; it's a companion that empowers individuals to navigate their emotions, challenge their thinking, and blossom into their best selves.”

With Rosebud, individuals can manage their mental health daily and track improvements over time. The AI technology adapts to each user and assesses their entries to identify unproductive thought patterns, potential triggers, and simple ways to make improvements. Rosebud also gives customized recommendations for self-care and celebrates users' progress every step of the way.

Unlike pen-and-paper journaling, Rosebud uses robust encryption protocols to protect personal data. The website’s privacy policy states the following:

Rosebud stands firmly in its commitment to safeguard your sensitive journal data. It is against our values and company ethos to share, sell, or distribute your sensitive data to any third parties. We will never do this unless absolutely required by law.

Rosebud is already a valuable source of support for thousands of people. Those who have used the platform for seven days report feeling improvements in grief (49%), loneliness (42%), anger (54%), and anxiety (60%).

Rosebud is available to all for free with limited access to features. For enhanced capabilities, users can opt for Rosebud Premium and Bloom, which offers voice journaling, unlimited prompts, goal guidance, and more. The most advanced plan, Rosebud Bloom, provides users with unparalleled insights, allowing them to ask Rosebud anything about themselves, review long-term entry history, and gain advanced insights into their mental health.

Rosebud is a web application that can be installed on your iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows home screens. A fully native app will be available next year. To try the #1 platform for mental health and personal growth, visit

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Rosebud is a groundbreaking AI-powered journal that revolutionizes how individuals navigate their mental health and personal growth.

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