Jounce Inc. Announces Debut Of The Jounce.Com Marketing Platform

New Affiliate Search Portal Brings Industry-Changing Tools to Performance Marketers.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Aug 11, 2010 -- Affiliate software and solutions company, Jounce, has announced the official online release of their platform, including the world's first cross-network affiliate search engine. Jounce is redefining the core fundamentals of affiliate
marketing by simplifying and streamlining the processes of listing, searching, finding, and recommending affiliate offers online.

"...Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra money or even become financially independent, but it is overly-complicated and can be extremely time-consuming. We believe that it doesn't need to be," said Tyson Quick, CEO of Jounce. "Our goal is to simplify the entire process of finding and recommending offers on the web so that affiliates can promote and get paid more quickly."

Designed for performance marketers, Jounce combines the separated and overly-complex processes of affiliate marketing into one platform and process. It allows individual affiliate marketers to search and compare offers across multiple networks in order to find those with the highest returns without the requirement of a login or membership. Jounce provides direct access to information on offers and networks, real-time industry news, as well as the ability to retrieve individual referral links and share them via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or a personal blog.

"There have been no industry accepted standards, procedures, or regulations set. It has essentially been a divided and closed market where new affiliates have little or no direction of where they should start and where they should look for offers to promote, only having to wait even longer until they are accepted into a program and can actually search their limited network's database. It's frustrating at how much effort it requires to find affiliate offers on the web today. We hope to change this." said Kevin Mesiab, Jounce CTO.

Tools like Jounce Search gives affiliate marketers instant access to tens of millions of offers, (exponentially more than any other affiliate network with much more to come). Jounce's databases are not industry specific, but all-encompassing product and service lists. The simplicity of the service and vastness of the offer possibilities are defining advantages to the Jounce Affiliate Marketing Platform.

Besides the ability to quickly list, search, find, and promote offers, Jounce provides access to nearly every element of affiliate marketing in order for users to stay informed and successful.
These features include:

- Jounce Base
- Jounce Industry News
- Jounce Blog
- Jounce Advertising

"Our service will provide an active and cohesive community for performance marketers where information is transparent and easily accessible to everyone, from the novice affiliate to the industry leader," said Tyson. "Ultimately, we will open all of the doors and become the one stop-shop for ALL affiliate marketers."

About Jounce

Jounce, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an up-and-coming affiliate technology company that is devoted to building the most powerful and usable software applications for affiliate marketers. Its flagship product,, empowers users with the tools necessary to quickly find, recommend, and get paid for offers on the web.

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