Jonestown Survivor Stands to Lose Her Church

Dr. Jynona Norwood, Senior Pastor at the Family Christian Cathedral in Inglewood, CA is a Jonestown Massacre survivor who lost 27 members of her family in the tragedy, including 17 children.

Dr. Norwood is also the executive director of "The Cherishing the Children Jonestown Memorial Services and Wall" at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, CA where over 400 of the 900 victims are buried, 305 of them children.

Since March 16, 2007, Dr. Norwood's church has been blessed with images of Christ that have mysteriously appeared on the walls and furniture. Dignitaries, celebrities and worshippers have all experienced this inexplicable miracle.

Now Dr. Norwood is fighting for her church's survival. She has alleged that her name was forged on documents putting this selfless woman at risk of losing her life's work.

Larry Garrison


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