Jonathan Simpson Announces Candidacy for United States Congress

Republican Seeks Election in New NC-14

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Jonathan Simpson officially announced his candidacy for the United States Congress in North Carolina's new 14th Congressional District and has launched his official campaign committee, Simpson for America. He brings a vast amount of experience from the private sector, the military, and the political arena. A staunch supporter of congressional term limits, Jonathan believes our democracy deserves true citizen legislators, not career politicians.

"Today, I am announcing my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives. I am a Republican, and have been all of my life, but I now am gravely concerned about the future of this conservative party, and as such about the future of our nation itself. This party, and our country as a whole, has been plagued by divisive rhetoric, immature leadership, and an indelible political class.

Today, I humbly submit to the people of my district, my state, and our nation that there should always be a choice for voters. Our political system should not elevate the corrupt and entrenched over the passionate and committed.

I believe our nation's greatest challenges are ready to be solved, but it will take big ideas and a bold vision. It will require a new kind of leader. It will require someone who puts country before party, someone who puts the common good above politics, and someone who puts service above career."

Jonathan is prepared to take his case for comprehensive education reform and privatization, nuclear power prioritization, a better health system for all, immigration, welfare, and tax reform, and more bold ideas straight to the voters of his district, be they Republicans or Democrats.

"It's time we had a government and a leader who worked for all of us."

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