Jon 'The Viking' Presses Forward to Break Three World Records in Support of Wheel Heroes Charity

Longest Triathlon in the World

Jon The Viking

Icelandic Viking Jon Eggert Gudmundsson will support local charity WHEEL HEROES while crushing three Guinness World Records:

  • Longest Triathlon (4,156 miles) 
  • Longest Duathlon (4,056 miles)
  • Most Half Marathons in one year (120)

Jon Eggert Gudmundsson, World Record attempt:

WHAT: WHEEL HEROES, a local organization that donates specially designed bicycles to children with lower levels of mental or physical abilities, will be the focus of Jon Gudmundsson as he presses forward to break three world records.

WHO: Jon Eggert Gudmundsson is called by locals “The Viking.” In 2006, he became the only person to walk the circumference of Iceland - 2,300 miles in five months. In 2016, he became the only person to cycle the same route.

Several years ago, Jon’s car broke down and he decided that he didn’t really need to drive anymore. So he left the car and started cycling everywhere he went. He often participates in cycling events around Florida. He rides to the events, participates in the events, then he cycles home, often taking the scenic route.

Jon loves cycling and feels that all children, even those with disabilities, should experience that same joy. “It gives them independence, exercise and the therapy they need.” Donations to Wheel Heroes can be made at

WHEN: Jon is currently about half way through the running portion of his attempt with around 610 miles completed so far.

WHERE: Any day, Jon can be found running his normal route through Cutler Bay Florida.

CONTACT: Anthony DeNito, 305-323-5195,,

Source: Jon Eggert Gudmundsson

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