Jon Becker, Founder of Aardvark Tactical and PROJECT7 ARMOR, Releases The Debrief, a New Conversational Podcast Centered on Tactical Leadership

On The Debrief Podcast, Jon Becker speaks with elite tactical team leaders on team culture, crisis negotiation, tactical science, and more - in order to make us all better leaders, better thinkers, and better people.

The Debrief Podcast

After over four decades spent serving and protecting tactical operators, Jon Becker is imparting some of the lessons he has learned along the way to listeners across the nation. The Debrief is an interview-based podcast that tells the stories of the leaders of some of the world's top law enforcement and military units - individuals who navigate dangerous situations with their highly effective teams every day. 

Jon Becker founded AARDVARK at just seventeen years old. The company started out as a climbing equipment business, often selling gear to SWAT teams and operators. After attending law school and working in police litigation, Becker realized that the best way he could serve tactical operators was by producing and providing high quality gear and products that would enhance operator safety on the job. After AARDVARK's expansion and success, Becker founded PROJECT7, a provider of purpose-built, scalable, and configurable tactical platforms. Throughout this decades-long journey, Becker has learned invaluable lessons about the lives and work of law enforcement and tactical operators, leading him to a deep understanding of the principles and core values behind highly effective teams. After keynoting for many years on the leadership of elite units and what he terms "culture-centric" leadership, Becker is putting those lessons into The Debrief, a non-profit podcast that serves the wider public. 

Although The Debrief focuses on the stories of tactical officers and team leaders, the audience is much more broad: leaders from all spheres, including business, entrepreneurship, communications, healthcare, law enforcement, and much more, will be informed and inspired by the lessons The Debrief has to impart. Jon and guests will cover conversations that are relevant to leaders of any field, including accountability, psychology, risk taking, and collaboration. The primary goal of The Debrief is to share these stories in the hopes of making us all better leaders, better thinkers, and better people. 

The Debrief is available wherever you find your podcasts, including SpotifyAppleYouTube, and Amazon. Since its release in early June, the podcast has been met with awesome reviews and coverage from other podcasts such as CATO and Tactical Breakdown, as well as outlets such as Police & Security News. Visit to stay updated on the latest episodes as they release.

To set up an interview with Mr. Becker regarding The Debrief Podcast and its guests, or to learn more about The Debrief, please contact Boaz Kelson at or 541-790-1455.

Source: Aardvark Tactical

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