Joint Star Enterprise, Inc. Succeeds Through Teamwork

Joint Star Enterprise, Inc.'s Director of Operations discussed the firm's cohesive team atmosphere and culture of advancement. He also detailed the company's team-building events.

​Company leaders at Joint Star Enterprise, Inc. maintain a culture of growth and encourage their team members to improve on a daily basis. Rodney, the Director of Operations, stated, “We want our people to know that advancement within our organization is determined on the basis of merit. There are no political games or simple matters of seniority at play. I think that allows our people to focus on their work and combine their talents more effectively.”

The cohesive team atmosphere that has been created at Joint Star Enterprise, Inc. continues to power the firm to great achievements. “Our skilled team members feel comfortable and inspired at the same time,” Rodney added. “They know they can pursue ambitious goals while being supported and encouraged along the way. We don’t have the type of cutthroat environment that defines so many other companies, and it brings out the best in our associates.”

"Our skilled team members feel comfortable and inspired at the same time,"

Rodney , Director of Operations

Rodney also believes his team members’ willingness to fuse their considerable talents is the key to the firm’s ongoing prosperity. He explained, “Individually, our associates can and do achieve amazing results. When they combine their abilities, though, truly remarkable things happen. That’s why we encourage and enable collaboration at every turn, and continue to build a portfolio of dynamic business partners.”

The Director and the rest of the firm’s leaders ask their associates to work in both formal and informal teams. “This strategy allows our people to address any and all issues in groups,” Rodney shared. “It’s great to have a specialized team working on a big project, but I think informal teams get a broader range of important things done from day to day. Loose teams can also spot opportunities and seize them quickly due to the agility they possess.”

Joint Star Enterprise, Inc.’s Director Discusses Team-Building Activities

Team members at Joint Star Enterprise, Inc. enjoy a variety of team-strengthening events. “We believe in having as unified a team as possible, and that means both in and out of the office,” Rodney added. “Our people get to know each other better outside of work on a regular basis, and they really enjoy themselves in the process.”

Company leaders organize everything from bowling nights to concert outings. Weekly dinners also bring team members closer, and the Director especially looks forward to office competitions. He concluded, “I love watching our associates’ competitive sides come to life. It always leads to spirited collaborations once they get back to business matters.”

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