Joining Forces With the LAPD to Make Christmas Special for Underserved Kids

Despite COVID-19 cases surging in Los Angeles County, the Northeast Police Station and the Church of Scientology were determined to provide toys for children who would otherwise go without.

Church of Scientology Christmas toy drive

Los Angeles Church of Scientology Women's Auxiliary members, who have helped with the LAPD Northeast Police Station Toy Drive for many years, collected and donated hundreds of toys this weekend to help make Christmas special despite the pandemic. 

"The Church of Scientology has always backed up our toy drive. And this year, it was so important," said Senior Lead Officer Lenny Davis. "Many of the usual collection points were not available due to COVID-19. We really appreciate how you assisted."

Safety was uppermost in the minds of the Scientologists who participated in the toy drive. With COVID-19 cases surging in the county, they took great care to maintain the protocols the Church put together and published in its "Stay Well" campaign that can be accessed on the Scientology website.

"Our Christmas wish is for everyone in L.A. County to apply prevention protocols to the letter," said Susanna Johannson, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Scientology churches and missions. "By doing so, we can bring down the numbers, stay safe and well, and start the new year right."

The Church of Scientology Los Angeles was featured in the first episode of Inside Scientology on the Scientology Network, premiered in March 2018 when Scientology ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige launched the network that airs on DIRECTV 320 and is available on-demand there and through

Source: Church of Scientology International


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