Join ALT to Fight Against Air Pollution and Global Warming

Green enterprise is recruiting talented prospects to protect the environment.

​Just at the same time while northeast of the U.S.A. faced massive blizzard, Taiwanese residents were amazed by the falling snow in the subtropical island. And South America also experienced moisture and flooding by powerful El Niño. The unprecedented unusual extreme weather was seen in everywhere and brought huge agricultural losses and several traffic accidents across the globe.

There were two environmental issues caused wide public concern in 2015. The first issue was《UNDER THE DOME》documentary by Chai Jing, a former reporter from CCTV. It illustrates the severe smog caused by the burning of fossil fuel in China. The smog derived from the concentration of microscopic particles with a diameter less than 2.5 microns that can penetrate the lungs and cause harmful effects to human health. The second issue was the Paris Climate Conference, where 195 countries vowed to agree to keep a global temperature rise below 2°C in the up-coming year.

Solving the environmental problem becomes international consensus; it is predictable that carbon reduction policy will be conducted among worldwide governments and speed up the development of green energy industries. How can the environment benefit from greener energy? For example, a 300 watt LED wall washer can replace a 1,000 watt incandescent, which saves 70% energy consumption and reduces 5,868 kg carbon dioxide yearly. By reducing electricity usage, power plants would have to burn less fossil fuel to meet the demand for electricity.

There is still tremendous growth potential for LED in lighting market. According to ​Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the LED market share will increase from 15% in 2014 to 45% in 2020. GM of Aeon Lighting Technology, Baly Luo said, “Working in green energy industry is like planting trees for the earth. We hope to have more people who have the same belief to join us, and there are no limitation to background and countries when it comes to doing the right thing for the environment. We have outside sales system to gather talented professionals worldwide. ” ALT’s products have reduced 524,730 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission to date, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed annually by 52,473,000 trees that are over twenty years old. According to IEA’s prediction, green energy industry including carbon exchange will have 4,500,000 billion dollars market share in 2050. Climate conference agreement will also speed up the development of green energy industry.

About Aeon Lighting Technology

Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) is a leading high-power LED manufacturer that focuses on precision and quality. ALT has acquired hundreds of patents, including state-of-the-art heat sink technology and has been awarded numerous international awards, including M Technology Award (2009), iF Product Design Award (2010), Red Dot Design Award (2011), and Good Design Award (2012). ALT has also passed international safety certifications such as Energy Star, DLC, UL, ETL, CE, PSE, C-TICK, LVD, FCC, TÜV, etc. ALT’s team of designers, engineers and sales strive for perfection and provide premium quality products and service for customers worldwide.