Johnson Attorneys Group Secures Award of $1,000,000 for Motorcyclist

Johnson Attorneys Group, a leader in personal injury cases, has secured an award of $1,000,000 for a motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist was hit in the head when a wheel from another vehicle came off the axel and struck him, sending the motorcyclist over the handlebars to land on the asphalt pavement.

“Accidents aren’t ‘black and white’ issues,” said James Johnson, ESQ, founder and head attorney of Johnson Attorneys Group. “You have to explore such things as faulty equipment, lighting and poor road conditions. Sometimes there are even the road rage instances that lead to bodily assault!

“In this case there was also negligence and recklessness, especially since the driver knew all along there was a potential danger.”

He continued: “When you look at a case, it’s also not only the current medical expenses and loss of income but you also have to look at the future. How does this impact the life of the client? In this case, the client sustained injuries that will limit his potential during his lifetime.”

It’s important to understand, said Johnson, that every case is unique. Legally, an attorney cannot guarantee any outcomes. The first priority, of course, should be getting back to health – but then you need to contact an attorney immediately, especially since there may be limitations on filing.

“Sometimes people even may think they can do it themselves, but they shouldn’t and here’s why,” said Johnson. “The do-it-yourself will be dealing directly with the insurance adjuster who is often trained to use information that he or she really isn’t entitled to use. That, together with complex laws, make it imperative to work with someone skilled in the law.”

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Johnson Attorneys Group is a major personal injury law firm with offices located throughout Southern California. The company boasts a roster of experienced legal advocates committed to providing clients with the best resolution.

Source: Johnson Attorneys Group


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