John Taylor, Indoor Environmentalist, Provides a Resource Page for Clients with Mold Related Health Concerns

John Taylor of MADISON TAYLOR INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL connects medical professionals with clients by producing a mold exposure resource page.

Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental

Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental is actively seeking local Medical Professionals who offer services that may benefit our clients.  Also, welcoming individuals who believe they have had illnesses related to elevated indoor mold exposures who will share their stories with our clients on our resource page.

John Taylor, Certified Indoor Environmentalist and owner of Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental, has 17 years of consulting experience. His company has provided service to thousands of clients in Virginia, Maryland and DC, by properly testing for mold and providing remediation of indoor air quality (I.A.Q.) issues in homes and buildings.

He explains that many of his clients have reported illnesses that they believe were directly related to exposure to elevated levels of mold, "I have seen numerous cases as an I.A.Q. professional which are heartbreaking. I have consulted many families with infants and children on a nebulizer and with serious respiratory conditions; also adults with headaches, dizzy spells, brain fog, hives, and other debilitating conditions. My clients have described sometimes suffering for years before finally finding a doctor or medical professional that didn't just treat the symptoms, but wanted to help find the cause and luckily recommended inspecting their home or building for indoor air quality problems."

Many customers report a noticeable health improvement once their home or building is properly diagnosed, abated, and returned to normal fungal ecology. However, some believe their exposure to mold has lingering health effects.

Taylor notes, "Hundreds of clients each year contact me in search of medical professionals who can understand the symptoms related to their mold exposure and can offer a plan to wellness.  We aim to create a comprehensive mold resource page to help assist our clients in finding professionals, information, and resources related to their health concerns."

For questions about mold testing, mold remediation or to submit information for the mold resource page, please contact:

​John K. Taylor
Madison Taylor Inc.
Office: 877-932-4652
Cell: 703-932-6134

Source: Madison Taylor Inc.


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