John James Audubon Center Announces New Museum Opening June 2019 at Historic Mill Grove Site

$13 Million Facility Promises "The Nest Big Thing" in Art, Conservation and Education for Greater Philadelphia Region

​​​​​​On June 5, 2019, the John James Audubon Center will celebrate the grand opening of a new 18,000-square-foot museum and nature-based facility at historic Mill Grove. The $13 million project will offer interactive and family-friendly ways to explore the legacy of famed ornithologist John James Audubon.

Galleries and Exhibits:

-          Drawn From Nature – The John James Audubon Gallery: View one of the few surviving first editions of The Birds of America (sometimes called the “Double Elephant Folio” for its large size) and his lesser-known drawings of mammals from the Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. A life-size digital version of The Birds of America will captivate guests as they browse featured species.

-          WOW Birds! Gallery: Learn about the process of Bird Banding and its modern role in migration research. Immerse yourself in the Sound Forest to experience bird songs in different habitats. Take a close look at feathers and nests, and learn why not all eggs are shaped the same. Take Flight as you discover how birds' wings work and trace the migration patterns of your favorite flock via a digital flyway map.

-          Conservation Stories: Learn how the organization that bears the artist’s names – National Audubon Society – has become synonymous with bird conservation throughout the Americas. Discover how Audubon biologists used creative methods of social attraction to restore the populations of Atlantic Puffins on the coast of Maine, after nearly disappearing from this area, which became the model for social attraction projects worldwide.

Outdoor Features:

-          Pawlings Porch: Birdwatch over a wildflower meadow and learn more about the birds and native plants in the area.

-          Fledgling Trail: From "hatching" out of an oversized egg to feeling the sway of a "tree" and the first "flight," discover the steps that a baby bird must take to successfully leave the nest. The Fledgling Trail also includes a sensory garden, water features and ADA-accessible play areas.

Resident Birds of Audubon:

-          As avian ambassadors, these non-releasable wild birds are trained to help educate people about their natural history and issues facing birds today.

Full release here.

Media Contact:
Nya Sturrup
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Source: John James Audubon Center


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