John Ginos' New Book 'Taxman' is a Compelling Historical Fiction on the Tax Reform That Took Shape in the Nineties

Fulton Books author John Ginos, a California native and a taxpayer advocate, has completed his most recent book "Taxman": a reliable read based on true events. It presents the tale of Jordan Duncan and the abuse he and the other taxpayers had to endure during the tax restructuring and reform that befell the country in the late '90s.

Ginos shares, "For Jordan Duncan, the good life as he knows it comes to an abrupt crossroad when a mysterious client enters his LA office with allegations that the CPA firm Duncan is working for is 'in bed' with the Internal Revenue Service. A former college athlete, Jordan has become a successful taxpayer advocate, representing delinquent taxpayers in negotiations with the IRS, who implement a 'feed the beast' mentality.

"Tension is at a fever pitch in Los Angeles in 1995. The intensity mounts as hotly contested tax issues of the 1996 presidential election unfold.

"With the help of his politically connected girlfriend, an honorable former IRS director, and a grizzled Vietnam vet, Jordan gathers evidence to make a case. But to whom? Taking on the U.S. Department of Treasury is no small task. The IRS seems impenetrable. Political and corporate deception is unraveled within the complex tax system. A murder ensues.

"The stakes are high. What started as a question of right and wrong has become a matter of life and death. Can anyone rein in this ravenous bureaucratic tax monster created by the US Congress?

"Based on true historical events of tax reform that exposed the abusive nature and uncontrolled power of the Internal Revenue Service, TAXMAN follows Jordan Duncan on a treacherous journey from the beaches of Southern California to the hallowed congressional chambers on Capitol Hill."

Published by Fulton Books, John Ginos' book is an eye-opening experience that deserves a spot in a person's library. The events presented in this narrative were so vivid that it makes the readers feel that they're living in that period of time.

The fact that Jordan Duncan's story is based on the author's personal experience makes this read edifying.

Readers who wish to experience this insightful work can purchase "Taxman" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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