John Galt Solutions Introduces Atlas Intelligent Workflows to Supercharge Supply Chain Decision-Making

A No-Code Approach to Build, Model and Automate Decisions Across the Extended Supply Chain

John Galt Solutions, automating supply chain planning to empower business leaders to make better decisions faster, today announced the release of its Atlas Intelligent Workflows within its market-leading Atlas Planning Platform. This latest innovation enables seamless user and cross-functional team coordination and decision-making by allowing users to effortlessly design, build, manage, and automate complex decisions within a no-code canvas for optimal efficiency and collaboration. 

Atlas Intelligent Workflows is a composable workspace for dynamic decision-making and trusted collaboration, with the ability to deliver prescriptive recommendations for the best course of action. Users can speed up the decision-making process, harnessing visual insights to make smart, guided choices. The technology enables users to build, adjust, and execute their end-to-end processes and monitor the progress status, with the ability to compose and recompose transparent decision flows that can be tailored to specific roles, skills, as well as supply chain tasks and activities.  

Simon Ellis, Group Vice President at market research firm IDC, noted, "Supply chain leaders must embrace the latest innovations and solutions that accelerate their time to expertise. Advanced technology empowers users to harness data and uncover insights to drive efficiency and make better decisions in the face of growing uncertainty in the supply chain landscape." 

The unparalleled versatility of Atlas Intelligent Workflows allows supply chain professionals to fine-tune rules, combine tasks, and seamlessly orchestrate them into higher-level processes. Powered by John Galt Solutions' innovative AI and machine learning, these workflows capture decisions at every step, ensure complete visibility and continuity even as data and events evolve, and infuse automation and collaboration into the heart of decision-making. 

"We continue to enable our global customers to drive real business value by supporting their mission-critical needs today while helping them accelerate their digital transformation," said Alex Pradhan, Global Product Strategy Leader at John Galt Solutions. "Atlas Intelligent Workflows makes it easy to operationalize decision intelligence and intelligently automate decision models into workflows and core business processes." 

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About John Galt Solutions 

More than ever, companies must be able to sense and respond to the dynamics of complex global supply chain performance, seize new opportunities, reduce costs, and drive profitability. John Galt Solutions' Atlas Planning Platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain planning solution with advanced analytics and machine learning to automate planning, break down business silos and deliver greater visibility. Atlas Planning, a SaaS-based platform, transforms S&OP processes; demand, inventory, and replenishment; supply and inventory optimization; manufacturing planning and scheduling; financial budget and sales forecasting. We partner closely with companies such as MARS, Milwaukee Tool, Deschutes Brewery, Netgear, and American Red Cross to empower planners to make better and faster decisions with greater confidence. To learn how John Galt Solutions can help you improve supply chain performance, visit

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About John Galt Solutions

John Galt Solutions is a leader in supply chain planning solutions. Our market-leading Atlas Planning software empowers professionals to make better decisions faster and accelerate their digital supply chain transformation.

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