Joe Powers's New Book "Rudy and Joey: Ordinary Children in an Extraordinary Time" is a Set of Stories Displaying the Amazing Ability Children Have to Change the World.

Joe Powers, an exceptional story teller, has completed his most recent book “Rudy and Joey: Ordinary Children in an Extraordinary Time”:  an engaging and potent look at how children are shaped by the world they live in.  These short stories display how children can be the catalyst for change and a beacon of hope in dark times.  

Mr. Powers is a self proclaimed simple old man who lives in Oklahoma—a veteran and a confirmed believer in this amalgamated society. He has done so many things in his life, yet none are all that exciting or wonderful. He hopes these simple stories will catch the reader’s imagination and serve to remind each of them that good, no, great people of all races live and love everywhere in this magnificent country. Each one has a different outlook on life and, like the author, may take some thought to understand.  Mr. Powers says, “I offer these hopes for you. May the love of your life hold your hand and be continually close. May your family always be your supporters no matter what you choose for your life. Finally and most importantly, may God bless you continually in your search for love and success.”

Published by Fulton Books, Joe Powers’s book is a series of stories involving individuals who, like most people, are more than what meets the eye.  Each story depicts a character striving for greatness, despite their faults.

“Joey Grex” is about Joey, who, like the many volunteers in a small community, just does what needs to be done. With him, it is for a different reason. All he wants is to challenge his enemy—fire! He is a young member of the volunteer fire department in his small town. His ambition lies with a larger department with more equipment and larger fires though.

“Rudy” is a story of two young people growing up starting in the early 1960s South. Rudy and her friend JB are both consoled and encouraged by the good people of all races that they meet. They are kind and polite for the most part, except JB. He has a few people that he will not tolerate.

Readers who wish to experience this thought provoking work can purchase “Rudy and Joey: Ordinary Children in an Extraordinary Time” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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