Jodie Turie Troutman's New Book "The Things With Wings" is a Harrowing Journey That Documents the Kidnapping of a Young Woman, and the Demons That Torment Her Captors.

Jodie Turie Troutman, a brilliant writer, has completed her most recent book “The Things with Wings”:  a gripping and frantic story of two detectives investigating the terrifying ritualistic murders of several young girls and the possible connection to the disappearance of beautiful Sterling McKenzie.

Published by Fulton Books, Jodie Turie Troutman’s book teaches that the basic human response in the face of danger is survival. Eighteen-year-old Sterling McKenzie finds this truth when her magical life takes a tragic turn. She is kidnapped from the mountains she so enjoyed while riding her quad. Three mentally unstable young men keep her captive for endless months. Her incredible will to escape causes her to reach deep within her very soul in order to embrace the strengths she never imagined she kept.

The dissection of the minds of the kidnappers, or three amigos, is a disturbing journey created within the beasts of their pasts.

Homicide Detective Parker Houston and his lively partner, Detective Coco Olivas, have their hands full asking the question, Are the recent kidnappings and subsequent ritualistic murders of young and beautiful female victims connected to Sterling McKenzie’s disappearance?

Readers who wish to experience this thrilling work can purchase “The Things with Wings” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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