Jobs Are on the Rise & Trust Point Inc. is Seeking Financial Professionals Specializing in Trust Administration & Investment Management

Every year, the requirements and necessities of saving for retirement change. Unfortunately, so do investment techniques, financial planning, and tax strategies. As a result, people need the help of financial professionals more than ever to help ensure they can have enough money to retire, travel, and even care for loved ones.

Randy Van Rooyen, CFA®, Trust Point's Senior VP of Strategic Relationships says that "The challenge is no one can predict when a pullback like a severe stock market downturn can strike." As long-term investors, it is important not to let the headlines sway investment decisions. Van Rooyen continues, "Understanding the emotional and psychological side of investing, along with the tendencies and cyclicality of investment markets is our job. We do the research and we have the depth of knowledge that can bring together insights on a variety of wealth-related issues. That way we work to preserve and increase our clients' wealth, now and in the future."

This would make sense to someone who can decipher the complexities of financial planning and asset management and can explain it to people in a way they understand. Trust Point provides clients peace of mind and confidence in their financial future so they don't worry and can live their lives to the fullest today!

Trust Point is seeking financial professionals who specialize in trust administration, financial planning, and investment management. Ideal candidates will have a legal, accounting or investment background. Essential skills include working as a team to build relationships with individuals, families, and businesses, some spanning multiple generations. From financial planning to administrative roles, a background in customer service is essential in these crucial positions.

Jill Taylor, Trust Point's VP of Human Resources says, "We are excited to enter the post-pandemic job market. With weekly jobless claims falling below 376,000 filed and continued claims dropping below 3.5 million, we know that we have a tight labor market. With Trust Point's award-winning culture and benefit options, we feel confident we are going to maintain our legacy of excellence in the individuals we hire."

Trust Point is an independent, boutique trust and investment management company that serves a select group of individuals, families, and businesses. They faithfully tend to clients' financial needs and what is best for the client, is what is best for Trust Point. Exceptional talent gives the ability to provide exceptional service. Taylor says, "Working here means you'll get that same care we give to everyone we work with."

Having three locations across the Twin Cities and Wisconsin broadens opportunities to work with some of the best financial professionals in the Midwest and work with customers who share these business values.

"I wanted to be part of a culture that thrived on teamwork and quality. Trust Point is exactly that and so much more. Everything I hoped for has been realized and I feel like I can continue learning here forever." Luke B - Account Support Specialist 

Having what it takes means the ability to join an outstanding team that helps individuals, families, and businesses make the right financial decisions, then visit the careers page and apply!

Source: Trust Point Inc.