Jimmer Fredette In NBA

Jimmer Fredette makes his NBA debut opposite Los Angeles Lakers at Power Balance Stadium.

Teen prodigy and basketball sensation, Jimmer Fredette, made his NBA debut on Dec 26th for Sacramento Kings. He has gained quite a lot of national attention during his high school and college days. He shot to fame as a basketball player, representing his team Brigham Young University. He was picked up by Milwaukee Bucks in June 2011 for the NBA league, but was traded with Sacramento Kings. Eventually he made his first debut against Los Angeles Lakers and led his team to 91-100 victory point at Power Balance Stadium. Individually he scored 6 points in the 25 minutes in which he played for his team.

He was sent into the ground as a substitute of Marcus Thornton. He called for a double dribble and made his first official NBA goal at a 15 foot fade way, giving his team a 19-17 lead. When asked to compare his first NBA goal with his BYU goal, he said that in college he had the goal airballed.

Later on in the game he missed 6 points, but according to team coach Westphal Jimmer has shown a lot of maturity in dealing with the ball. He was both patient and aggressive at the same time. His stretching capabilities are marvelous, which forces the opponent players to guard him. Westphal believes that Jimmer is a bit weak on his defense, which he needs to practice a little more.

Jimmer Fredette was accompanied by his parents, elder brother and sister during his debut match. They had all come to cheer for him in his first NBA debut match. Speaking to reporters later Jimmer said that he did not have any specific strategy for the game. He just played his natural game, did some pump fake, shoot a dribble moves without being too aggressive. He said that it was a great match and an equally great victory for his team, which is means a lot for him.