Jim Mayoros and Randy Paul Bring 'Magic' to Splash City Adventure Park

Splash City Adventure Park Rendering

Jim Mayoros and Randy Paul have once again teamed up to bring exciting thrills and creativity to Southern Utah. Mayoros, the creator of Splash City Adventure Park, enjoyed working with Paul on past projects for his St. George Family Attraction Pirate Island Pizza and invited him to contribute to Splash City which is currently under construction. Paul is extremely excited to join the team and use his award-winning talents to bring a water park to St. George.

Randy Paul has received recognition for his involvement in the creation of the All Abilities Park in St. George, Utah and has received awards from The St. George Parade of Homes, where his faux rocks were featured in many of the winning homes. He and his company are widely sought after for their ability to bring transform imagination into reality. When approached by Mayoros about creating a water park “unlike anything else out there,” Paul was intrigued. After multiple meetings about the feasibility of such an undertaking, Randy Paul wasn’t only on board for the project but was ecstatic about the vision of what could be done with the water park. His creativity and expertise have become an integral piece of the Splash City puzzle.

With construction on Splash City well underway, Mayoros, Paul and their teams have frequently brainstormed new ideas and ways to ensure that what they are building in St. George will be over the top, and unlike anything else around. Members of the design team have been sworn to secrecy, and there is excitement in the air, felt by all those involved in the project. The only hint the public has been given is that “it’s going to be magical.” 

After over five years of planning, approvals, and suspense the people of St. George will soon have their first water park to enjoy. But if the few details that have been given about the park are true, we expect it to be much more than just a standard water park. It would appear to be much more than meets the eye. Only time will tell.

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