Jim Johnston's New Book, "Essays: The Art of Description," is a Survey of Over 250 Brief, but Very Lively Stories Narrating Antique Sports and Americana Collectibles.

Johnston, industrial manager, collector emeritus, and now author, has completed his first volume, “Essays: The Art of Description”– an engaging and entertaining series of musings and descriptions from the upper reaches of the industry of collectibles.

He assures us that, “I aspire to entertain the reader. The selections arrayed in this volume have earned inclusion primarily on the merits of their descriptions–some are provocative, others are amazing; sometimes they’re humorous, sometimes sentimental. But once started, this book refuses to be ignored.”

Published by Fulton Books, Jim Johnston’s book is a magnificent vista of thrilling collectibles - relics of Americana that might not quite make the grade for featuring in the Smithsonian (or Cooperstown for that matter), yet in many instances, these are intensely appealing to an expansive audience beyond the world of 'collectingdom'. These are objects d'art - most of them with fabulous heritages, and many of them with compelling visual presence as well.

The catalyst in all this, however, is the dynamic supportive narrative that attends each essay. Seen through the prism of what is real, the reader may appreciate that the very human Ted Williams struggled to tolerate any manner of nuisance, or that art of the highest caliber could be expressed through the simple medium of a hand-held scoring device used by umpires and patrons over a century ago. There really aren't any (or very few) "characters" in Essays. Instead, featured are famous people (often sports celebrities) sometimes basking in their lofty stations; but equally, pathetically fallible creatures in these otherwise American luminaries.

Readers who wish to experience this stimulating work can purchase “Essays The Art of Description: Vol. I” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books