Jihad Genocide The Last Jihad, A Book Based On True Story

Former Muslim has risked his life to publish a true story that unveils an impending Jihadgenocidethatwill target no less than ten million NON MUSLIMS around the world.

NEW YORK, NY Former Muslim Samuel Josef has risked his life to publish a story that he hopes will save countless other lives. His book, "Jihad Genocide: The Last Jihad" is based on the true story of his own life and unveils an impending Jihad genocide that will target no less than ten million NON MUSLIMS around the world. Josef believes that his book is a warning to all of us, and that it must get out. He's risking his own life to do so. As a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, Josef knows personally what it means to suffer at the hands of the Jihadists. Unable to contact his own mother who was violently taken from him, tortured ruthlessly during his lifetime by the Jihadists, Josef had a tracking RFID chip implanted in his body by Muslim members of the Jihad and is today a marked man, every move he makes followed by his worst enemies.

Josef's story, however, centers on much bigger things than his own life. He was able to gather information while still he was thought to be a Muslim and partially unravel an impending, high-tech genocide attack from the Jihad that is targeted towards ten million Non Mulsims. His book unfolds the plan: on December 31, in an unknown year close at hand that starts with 2012, 10 million non-Muslims will be exterminated. They will be the target of high-tech Jihad genocide that starts from Times Square in New York, London, Jerusalem and ends in other major cities all over the world. The weapon of choice, which is capable of killing a human being in 1.4 minutes, only costs pennies to produce and cannot be deducted by scanners at airports. Josef believes that the explosive weapon will be hidden inside breast and buttock implants, and used to blow up planes fully loaded with fuel to exterminate those who escape death by the lethal virus. And that's not all. During the predicted Jihad genocide the Pope himself will be shot at close range, and the mourners in churches, synagogues, temples and every place of non-Muslim worship will be forced to join the dead, a target of the high-tech Jihad attack. The weapon has already reached the USA and the rest of the world, Josef reveals. The surgeons have been given the green light, and beautiful girls in hijab are ready to have explosives implanted in their breasts and buttocks, waiting to board the fully fuelled planes which will be exploded in the heart of highly populated cities.

The day of the suicide bomber is over. Josef writes that the leader behind the hi-tech Jihad genocide is a highly educated medical doctor, scientist and professor teaching in the reputed Medical School of Philadelphia, USA. The Jihad army consists of persons who could live right next door: scientists, medical doctors, bio-chemists, ex-NASA employees, nurses, attorneys, virologists, computer programmers, informers who work for the FBI, CIA, Mossad, Scotland Yard, CBI India, and members of other secret services.

There's no denying the factual aspects in Josef's book. The goal, the aim, the object of those who believe in having seventy-two virgins and a higher place in Allah's Paradise is to "take over the Western countries cities causing the least amount of destruction"-- and this hi-tech weapon could be their answer! Islam is a religion of the sword, proved by the appearance of the word Jihad and its context of violence no less than 164 times in the Muslim Koran. Josef's life is in jeopardy the minute his book his published. If he ever was a marked man before, he will be now, through revealing the very plan of his former captors. It can only be hoped that his words will at least be a warning to the rest of the world before we wake up the next day to a universal genocide, planned, crafted and executed by the Jihad.

Samuel Josef's book, Jihad Genocide The Last Jihad, can be purchased online in e-book form from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other e-book outline. For more information, visit http://www.jihadgenocide.com


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