Jewish Community Services of South Florida, Inc. Taps NewOrg for System Integration to Better Serve Seniors

Longtime client adds Senior Services Program to its NewOrg SaaS umbrella, featuring first-of-a-kind custom integration

NewOrg Management System, a leading online data management platform for nonprofit organizations, social services and government agencies, today announces the successful completion of an expansion project for Jewish Community Services of South Florida, featuring a breakthrough integration to provide next-level care and services to vulnerable elderly populations.  

Since 1920, Jewish Community Services of South Florida, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides compassionate social services to the community's most vulnerable individuals and families. Specializing in mental health counseling, nutritional support, case management services, and information referrals, JCS serves as Miami-Dade County's safety net agency. 

"The NewOrg team worked tirelessly to ensure compatibility between NewOrg and our funder's newly launched client information and registration tracking system. Thanks to their efforts, we are able to upload information regarding services provided to each client directly, saving us hours in data entry. Having this functionality is crucial in a field where we are constantly trying to conserve resources and be good stewards of donor dollars," said Dr. Jessica Perez, JCS Director, Senior Services.

JCS Senior Services serves over 1,000 clients annually through a variety of programs.  

The NewOrg platform is specifically designed to accommodate multiple disparate programs. This allowed for the addition of the JCS Senior Services Program to JCS's already-existing NewOrg system for case management, clinical services, and electronic medical billing. 

"Prior to NewOrg, each department within JCS used a separate system to store client information. The services a shared client was receiving in one department were not easily accessible in another. NewOrg has allowed JCS to standardize and centralize client data across the departments at JCS currently using the platform. This has allowed us to streamline the coordination of client care," said Miriam Singer, JCS President and CEO. 

Key Project Highlights Include:  

  • Tailored integrations with multiple external stakeholder system to streamline workflows and reduce data entry 
  • Replaced internal paper forms, homegrown Access database and spreadsheets with a new streamlined online workflow and Total Case Management system that allows JCS to track client intake, services received, assessments/surveys required by funders and to upload data directly to core external funder and partner systems 
  • Implemented Home Delivery, Congregate Meals, Transportation, and Recreational Programs with key tracking tools, workflows, and reports  
  • Provided a custom Scheduling application that allows staff to arrange and track home-delivered meals for clients, including active/inactive status, import/export of delivery lists, instructions for delivery providers, delivery status import and funder assignment tagging to help balance monthly budgets based on availability and funder conditions  
  • Significant process improvements and new high-level insights for outcome reporting across the organization as well as easy daily activity checks, going from paper processes to digital and with a suite of built-in customizable reports at their fingertips

Source: NewOrg Management System