Jetmobile Introduces Celiveo, an Advanced Document Management Solution Featuring Security and Mobility

Jetmobile today unveiled Celiveo Enterprise, a new solution suite providing organizations with an advanced, enterprise-wide approach to document management

Celiveo features the innovative Zero-Server™ architecture allowing the removal of all print and print applications servers and underutilized printers. Other capabilities include local to global BYOD mobile pull printing, printer and MFP control, high-security document encryption, fully automated document validation, a universal print driver that allows addressing all printer brands, smart document archiving and complete web-based management, cost analysis and reporting.

As the volume of paper to digital documents increase exponentially in Enterprise companies, Celiveo allows office, ERP and web documents to stay digital, be easily retrievable and produced anywhere from a printed page to a PC, tablet or smartphone screen with full security, traceability and cost control. Celiveo also enables business to drastically lower the cost of documents output by fully addressing the related TCO of print application servers, print servers, print volume and color usage.


  • Users produce their documents with full security, from smartphones and PCs to documents storage systems and documents output devices such as MFPs and printers
  • The Celiveo Zero-Server™ technology makes it possible to remove all print application servers and print servers
  • Authorized users and visitors can print easily from smartphones and tablets, with data encryption , rules enforcement and release control
  • Celiveo is printer brand agnostic, protecting your investment
  • Celiveo features high availability and high Resilience, full serverless capabilities
  • Celiveo analyzes and controls document output cost to keep budget under control

Celiveo Enterprise 8 is fully backward compatible with SecureJet Enterprise, allowing clients to benefit directly from the advanced document management features of Celiveo.

Celiveo Enterprise modules are progressively available from November 6th, 2015 for mobile devices and PCs and Multifunction printers from Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Toshiba and Xerox.

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