Jet Ice Painting Works Done by Ice Business in Alau, Kazakhstan

Ice Business is one of the official distributors of the Jet Ice Paints in Europe, providing every year high quality products to its loyal customers.

This year is no exception from the rule for Ice Business GmbH. The company has managed to deliver the paints to its European customers, with peak sales in Germany and the DACH region, where almost 80 ice arenas have received the ice paints and the painting service from the Ice Business technicians.

Although the Jet Ice season is getting closer to its end because the Ice Hockey season will start again, Ice Business sent out some technicians at the ice arena in Alau, Kazakhstan for painting the ice of the speed-skating rink and of the ice hockey rink, including the ice hockey lining. 

The Jet Ice paints are one of the best products in the ice painting industry, the manufacturer being a Canadian company with unbeatable experience. The normal package for painting an Olympic size ice hockey rink includes Jet Ice White 3000 (8 boxes), lining paint red (2 boxes), lining paint blue (1 box) and goal crease blue (1 box). Ice Business can either deliver the ice paints or do also the painting works, with or without training for the ice arena personnel. The product range also includes logo paints, with an immense variety of colors in order to perfectly meet the requirements of the sponsors. For the sponsor logos there are two options: paint or textile logos. 

The Alau Ice Palace for which Ice Business is doing the Jet Ice painting works is an 8000 seat speed-skating arena, which was opened in 2011. In 2015 it hosted the World Sprint Speed Skating Championship and it was ranked first among the world's speed skating stadiums according to the Dutch AD Sportwereld publication's ranking. 

Ice Business is actually a worldwide ice rink constructor, the Jet Ice painting being one of the many areas of expertise of the company. With permanent ice rinks projects in ASIA, to mobile ice rinks in Dubai, to ski & snow projects in the Gulf area, Ice Business can definitely go for the industry leader title, continuing to increase its know-how by maintaining the openness with its customers, the innovation with its technology and imagination with its projects. 

The ice painting project in Alau will be finished by Ice Business by the end of September 2015, and the result will be as always a perfect painted surface which can host official games and competitions (respecting the IIHF rules).  

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Ice Business GmbH is a worldwide ice rink constructor with more than 25 years of experience in the permanent and mobile ice rink sector.

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