Jesse Rosenbaum's Debut Book, 'The Condemned', Unveils a Thrilling Fiction Revolving Around a Man's Nightmares and the Dark Figure Causing Them

Fulton Books author Jesse Rosenbaum has completed his most recent book, "The Condemned": a chilling novel that follows Michael and his endless strings of nightmares that horrify and push him to the brink. With each passing dream, he gets closer to the dark figure who has brought him to these horrific dreamscapes, while seeking answers and unraveling the mystery of his role in this dark figure's plot.

Jesse writes, "I keep having these dreams. At first, I figured it was stress, being that it's my last semester in college, but they just keep happening. The places I find myself … the things I see are just horrific. I see all these people, many of which are crying out, screaming in agony. The others that I see are dead, displayed or lying in gruesome and grotesque ways that make my stomach turn. There is this overwhelming sense of despair that just weighs down on me. The hopelessness that I feel from these tortured people is thick in the air and clings to my body.

"In every dream, I see this … figure. I'm drawn to it by some unknown desire, but regardless of how close I try and get, I can't make out what it looks like. It's wrapped in shadows, hidden from the light. And each time I see it, my mind screams to run, but despite my best efforts, I can't. I stand there frozen with fear, surrounded by all this anguish, torture, and death, but this figure's voice cuts through all the misery. Its voice is clear and surprisingly soothing as it says to me, 'I will become of your world.' With each dream, I feel this figure pull me closer. It needs me for something, but what? Why does it keep showing me these things?"

Published by Fulton Books, Jesse Rosenbaum's book is a suspenseful tale that will draw readers into the shadows of Michael's nightmares and where they further take him. Here, in his story, Michael will face a bunch of encounters that could change his life. Will one of these encounters save him from his long, unending agony?

Readers who wish to experience this exciting work can purchase "The Condemned" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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