Jerry Cibley Appointed Justice of the Peace - Foxboro, MA

Governor Deval Patrick appoints Jerry Cibley of Foxboro, Ma to Justice of the Peace.

Jerry Cibley of Foxboro, MA is proud to announce that he has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Jerry is a well known businessman and entrepeneur who has been a popular fixture on local radio and media.

Jerry has a long history in entertainment and is bringing those skills to the Wedding industry. There are so many choices in Wedding Officiants. Jerry provides a different approach to his Weddings and they are fun yet loving. "No is going to fall asleep at one of my ceremonies", said Jerry. "I have been to too many ceremonies where the guests are bored to death and I have a uniques style to assure my clients that it will not happen on their special day", advises Jerry.

From the most traditional to the comic absurd, Justice Jerry can help you design the wedding of your dreams. Secular and family traditions are encouraged in the creation of your vows. Cibley is Jewish and very comfortable including the wedding blessings, breaking of the glass, and blessing of the wine within your ceremony.

Being a Justice of the Peace allows Jerry to use his public speaking, comedy and people skills to provide weddings that will be remembered forever.

Jerry can be reached at 508-698-3664 or on the web at Before you book your Officiant spend a couple of minutes talkin with Jerry - you will not be dissapointed

Remember it is your Wedding and it needs to be done your way.

About Justice of the Peace, Jerry Cibley

Justice of the Peace, Jerry Cibley
17 Independence Drive
Foxboro, MA