Jerry Amspaugh & Michael Amspaugh's New Book 'Ruffo: The Dog Who Dreamed of Seeing the Ocean' is an Amusing Journey Along a Farm Dog's Boundless Adventures Outdoors

Jerry Amspaugh, a retired bank construction lender and former registered architect; and Michael Amspaugh, a management consultant and a master, teaching martial arts; have completed their most recent book “Ruffo: The Dog Who Dreamed of Seeing the Ocean”: an entertaining and exciting read for children, that follows the adventures of Ruffo as he finds new friends, a bit of trouble, and amazing sights,  The book is beautifully illustrated and will be enjoyed by both the reader and the listener.

Jerry writes, “Say hello to Ruffo! Most farm dogs call it a full day if they help their owners with chores and errands and get a little playtime with the people and creatures on the farm. Ruffo loves these things too, but when he has done them, he wants to spend any time he can making new friends and going on new adventures.

It is possible to make new friends while on an adventure and have fun too. It is also possible to run into danger and learn hard lessons. On some adventures, all these things can happen. This story is one of the ‘all things’ type and is the first in a series of stories that let everyone get to know about Ruffo and his experiences.”

Published by Fulton Books, Jerry Amspaugh & Michael Amspaugh’s book is a vibrant and enjoyable illustrated tale that tails Ruffo’s escapades and discoveries that can be enjoyed by adults and children together, over and over.

Readers who wish to experience this delightful work can purchase “Ruffo: The Dog Who Dreamed of Seeing the Ocean” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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