Jennifer Breeden's New Book 'The Sound of a Silent Voice' is a Heartwarming Poetry Collection Meant to Provide Comfort and Healing to Struggling Individuals

Fulton Books author Jennifer Breeden, a strong and resilient woman, has completed her most recent book "The Sound of a Silent Voice":  an empowering volume of heartfelt poems on life's tragedies and traumas. It aims to offer a voice to those who are both unheard and silenced. The author's inspiring journey of personal transformation motivates the readers to rise again. Divided into four categories where each category contains poems that are penned beautifully with the hope of illuminating light once again in a wounded and scarred heart.

Breeden shares, "This book was written during a journey of trying to heal from PTSD from experiencing extreme violence, sexual abuse, entrapment, and rape. It has been creatively turned into poetry as poetry is generally about life situations and emotions.

Since a broken heart or a heart of sorrow needs something creative to read with heartfelt words that are needed as well as a little guidance, pain was twisted with passion of writing and became a book of guidance to help in the pursuit of finding a silenced voice and to become stronger. I have learned that if you follow your passion/ what makes you truly happy, you will become stronger and more resilient to the problems you face day-to-day due to traumatic situations and problems.

This book is full of emotional poems that will help you through so many hard times and help you see a situation in a whole different light. Again, I hope that when you read this book, it works as a stepping-stone toward reaching for your dreams. Never give up. Nothing is impossible!"

Published by Fulton Books, Jennifer Breeden's book is a compelling read about gaining inner strength to let go of the past and move forward with life despite the adversities. It highlights resilience and courage to make positive changes in one's life.

The author skillfully uses the element of poetry to restore the life in a heart that was once filled with sorrow.

Readers who wish to experience this emotional work can purchase "The Sound of a Silent Voice" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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