JDX Coin Holds IEO Announcement Party

Historic Asset-Backed Token Launched

JDX Investor Party

With friends, family and cryptocurrency investors in attendance, the founders and leadership of JDX Coin rallied at Hero City in San Mateo on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, to launch this historic asset-backed token.

Led by CEO and co-founder Charles Robinson and President and co-founder Peter Kuo, JDX leadership and its strategic partners joined together to announce its token, platform, p2p lending and auction features. An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will be formally launched in the fourth quarter this year. Four hundred million JDXU tokens will be made available for purchase by ETH, BTC and FIAT.

Joining Team JDX were representatives from Hedera Hashgraph and Xsette Technology, each presenting their significant role in the future of JDX Coin. Matthew Daniel of Coinonx and his partner Jason Coles presented the business structure of JDX Coin to a captivated audience at the spacious venue well known for its ability to attract the "crypto curious" from all over the world.

The evening was most certainly highlighted by the opportunity to admire and pose for pictures with several ancient white jade artifacts that serve as the asset which backs the JDX Coin token. Users of JDX Coin will be able to transfer value on a cryptographically secured global ledger, with tokens 100% backed by extremely rare Jade artifacts. These tokens represent fractionalized ownership of the jade backing it. JDXU is a utility token that will allow for access to the platform and all of its services.

JDX Coin looks to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to innovative technologies such as blockchain and the concept of sound money, which has been present for centuries around the world. Sound money refers to "real wealth," as opposed to paper, plastic and electronic mediums of exchange commonly used today. The concept and history of money is complex. Somewhere along the way, the term "legal tender" overshadowed the gold and silver coins our ancestors would have likely used.

JDX Coin is finalizing its placement on a key cryptocurrency exchange and expects to become a major player in the token world by the new year.

View the JDX "white paper" and contact JDX to purchase JDX tokens.

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