Jay McCarroll Creates Unique & Eco-Friendly Design For Gabby Wild's 12 for 12 in 12 Animal Activist Campaign

Jay McCarroll, the fashion and textile designer who is internationally recognized for winning season one of the competitive reality television show, Project Runway, has designed a unique dress for Gabby Wild's 12 for 12 in 12 Animal Activist Campai

With the number of endangered species around the world continuing to grow each year, Gabby Wild, the founder of The Gabby Wild Foundation, is taking a stand against this important, yet often neglected cause. 12 in 12 for 12 is the integrative approach to combine eco-conscious fashion with animals in a fundraiser/awareness project to promote conservation of 12 unique, endangered and critically endangered animal species.

Jay McCarroll has created a dress to represent the Kakapo Parrot. The Kakapo Parrot is thought to be the oldest species of parrot and is critically endangered. "I am very excited to have been chosen to participate in this project," said Jay McCarroll. "As someone in the fashion industry, an industry so blatantly exploitative and cruel to animals, I think it is my duty to help protect and preserve the natural beauty of all animals big and small."

The body of the dress is woven organic cotton fabric and only low impact, organic dyes were used in the manufacturing process of the fabric. The body of the dress was then covered with felt "feathers". All of the felt was made in the U.S.A and is made from eco-fi, which is a high quality fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. All the fabric for the dress was purchased from Fabric.com. Fabric.com has one of the largest selections of organic and eco-friendly fabrics available online.
The "feathers" for the dress were created by Jay using his AccuQuilt fabric cutter. "AccuQuilt has a huge variety of really useful products," said Jay. "Being able to use the AccuQuilt fabric cutter rather then cutting by hand was a huge time saver." Accuquilt offers quilters, fabric crafters and retailers a premiere line of fabric cutters, dies, quilting patterns, and other quilt and fabric cutting solutions that help quilters and fabric crafters quickly and accurately cut shapes for quilting and fabric crafts.

The Kakapo Parrot will be represented by Gabby in October with funds going to the Kakapo Recovery Program.

For more information about "12 in 12 for 12", visit www.gabbywild.com. For more information about Jay and his involvement in this project, visit www.jaymccarroll.com.


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