Jasdeep Singh Has Started a Memorial Scholarship for First-in-Family College Attendees

Jasdeep Singh lost his father when he was only 13, leaving his mother to raise him. After the death of Jasdeep Singh's mother this past January, Jasdeep has organized a scholarship fund to honor them both. The Jasdeep Singh scholarship fund provides an opportunity for first-generation college students and first-generation immigrants to attend college without the typical financial burden that accompanies college entry.

The Singh Family

When Jasdeep Singh was born to two immigrant parents, a college education was the expectation and the dream for a better future. With hard work and dedication, his parents were able to provide Jasdeep the extraordinary opportunity of attending college in the United States of America.

Jasdeep Singh's journey was not without challenges. At the age of 13, Jasdeep lost his father, leaving behind his now-single mother to raise him. Jasdeep's mother was fiercely devoted to her son and determined to give him the best start in life. Through her encouragement, hard work, dedication, and example, Jasdeep went on to attend college and work hard in his career.

Upon the loss of his mother this past January, Jasdeep felt the urge to pass along the gifts he had received from his parents to others who aspire for a better future. He established the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship Fund to honor his parents' memory. The fund is set aside strictly for students who will be the first in their household family to attend an accredited post-secondary school in the United States. Singh is also focusing on supporting Connecticut by setting aside one of the two $1,000 awards for students residing in Connecticut.

Today, Jasdeep, a "lifelong learner", is currently pursuing his MBA at the University of Connecticut. He is proud of his parents' legacy and hopes that the scholarship will give students who have a desire to learn the resources to pursue their dreams.

Jasdeep has websites and blogs available online for those who wish to find out more about the scholarship, his story, and how highly he values education.

Potential applicants, as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about the scholarship, can click on the Jasdeep Singh, West Hartford, CT scholarship website.

About Jasdeep Singh: The purpose of this scholarship is to honor Jasdeep Singh's parents by providing two $1,000 scholarships to first-generation college attendees and first-generation immigrants. A post-secondary degree is one of the surest ways for someone to find stability and open up doors in life, as long as debt doesn't become a limiting factor. Being the first in a household family to attend college can make this journey even more difficult but also more important.

Contact Information:

Name: Jasdeep Singh

Address: West Hartford, Connecticut

Email: scholarships@jasdeepsingh.us


Source: Jasdeep Singh Scholarship Fund