Japan Recognises Certification Management Limited (CML) in the UK as the World's First Registered Type-Examination Agency for Ex Equipment Used in Hazardous Areas

UK based company, Certification Management Limited (CML), already provides ATEX and IECEx certification for companies worldwide and with its recent appointment by the Japanese Ministry for Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) can now offer additional certification to those manufacturers that export or plan to export products to Japan and are destined for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Until now, the only certification body that was able to issue certificates that are accepted in Japan was the Technology Institute for Industrial Safety (TIIS). CML has successfully operated an agreement with TIIS that enabled its own test data transfer to be accepted by TIIS for certification.

However, due to regional differences in certification methods, the laws in Japan, translation requirements and the time zone difference, many companies have found the TIIS certification process time-consuming and complex. Some requirements are written into the law that most companies, used to applying IECEx System, ATEX, or North American requirements, would find unfamiliar.

In the past, this process could often take several years, be a significant burden to administer, and cost much more than originally budgeted.

Following a change to the Japanese Industrial Health and Safety regulations, and a rigorous application and review process by MHLW, CML is now the sole overseas recognized body under the new regulations and is able to offer certification valid in Japan, direct to global clients without the need for further certification or review by local government agencies or certification bodies.

“As the first foreign recognized inspection body, CML can with immediate effect provide a bridge for companies exporting to Japan, help them through the complex certification requirements and therefore save time and money in the Ex certification process. Our office in Tokyo is also ready to assist with mandatory document translation and local regulatory compliance advice” says Mike Shearman, Managing Director of Certification Management Limited (CML).

About Certification Management Limited: Certification Management Limited (CML) was established in June 2013 in the UK, offering a complete range of compliance services. CML is registered as an EU Notified Body (No 2503) for ATEX EU/2014/34. This is supported by the UKAS accreditation (No 8175) to IEC 17025 and IEC 17065.

The full scope of accreditation allows for the issuing of any type of certificate.

CML is also an IECEx Certification Body (ExCB) and test laboratory (ExTL) with the full scope of standards.

Services are delivered by over 25 full-time staff, the majority of which are engaged directly in certification, engineering and testing. CML also operates fully-equipped laboratory in Ellesmere Port in the UK, as well as Houston, Texas, USA.

The first ATEX and IECEx certificates were issued in September 2013 and April 2014 respectively by CML with over 1200 certificates issued worldwide to date. 

You can find out more from the website: https://www.cmlex.com/

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