Janice Frankum's New Book 'A Monkey Called Doodle' Teaches Young Readers How to Be Responsible Along With Other Important Life Lessons Through Doodle's Adventures.

Newest publication "A Monkey Called Doodle" from Fulton Books author Janice Frankum is a children's story that teaches important life lessons. As Doodle and his friends experience one adventure after another, Doodle will learn to be a wiser and better monkey.

Janice Frankum has been writing most of her life, but just recently decided to share her work. Her first published book was about her twin granddaughters, Rachel and Erika. It was entitled “I’m Not You, & You’re Not Me . . . Grandpa’s Twins.” In 1992, she retired from the Texas Department of Health in Houston. For twelve years, she owned Dixieland Antiques in Alvin, Texas where she still resides with her husband, Bubba (Floyd). She now spends her time writing poems, stories, and books. Janice Frankum has completed her most recent book “A Monkey Called Doodle”: the adventures of a monkey named Doodle and his friends that teach young readers important life lessons.

“Read about the unwelcome visit of hunters and the mystery of the shiny stones left scattered around the swamp. Not all jungle animals are friendly, as reported by Doodle and his friends. See how even good little monkeys can do the wrong things.” --Janice Frankum

Published by Fulton Books, Janice Frankum’s book takes readers to the deepest part of the forest where a little mischievous, green-eyed monkey named Doodle lives. He is always trying to do the right thing, but growing up is not easy, especially in the jungle. By making mistakes, Doodle learns the important things in life, such as being responsible.

Join Doodle and his friends as they set out on wild adventures. When things are too tough for Doodle to understand, he can always count on Hooter the wise old owl who tells it like it is. Jaws the alligator protects all the little monkeys from the hunters. Snout, the elephant, is always on guard for his little friends in the jungle. Along the way, they will experience the excitement of new discoveries as well as the fears of dangers that lie hidden in caves. Each chapter teaches Doodle to be a wiser and better monkey.

Readers who wish to experience this entertaining and educational work can purchase “A Monkey Called Doodle” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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