Jane's Pet Supplies: A Full-Service Virtual Pet Supply Store and Blog

Jane’s Pet Supplies, a brand new, eCommerce house pet supply and blog website dedicated to providing all pet owners and advocates with both the information and the products they need to ensure their pets stay happy and healthy, this week officially launched the comprehensive platform for all pet owners serious about sprucing up their pet living quarters in 2017.

Borne from a passion for all things pets and their unique and important needs, Jane’s Pet Supplies provides site visitors with completely free information that answers every question, from what kind of all natural food dogs should be eating, to what time cats should be fed their dinner.

“Owning a pet is a beautiful, and sometimes frustrating, experience,” said Jane Bunting, Founder and Owner of Jane’s Pet Supplies. “Pet owners are going to constantly have questions about what’s best for their pets, and how they can assist in a happy and healthy animal life. Our site is designed to be the support team every pet owner has been looking for.”

On Jane’s Pet Supplies, visitors will find shopping options in beds and accessories, books, cat food, toys, dog food, leashes, and collars. Additionally, they will find an informational blog that covers weekly topics regarding common household pets. They will also address submitted questions to make sure every pet owner is in contact with the information they need.

“Don’t wonder if a pet is healthy or in need of medical attention anymore – know the facts and know your pets with our free information today,” said Bunting. “Spread the word on the opening of our eCommerce platform, and head on over today to peruse our pet supplies selection, deals, and discounts.”

For more information, visit: http://janespetsupplies.com/.

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