Jane Herr Desrosiers's New Book 'Gone Fishing: The Sinker' is the Brilliant Ending in a Journey of Discovery That Yields Answers and Meaning in the Main Character's Life

Jane Herr Desrosiers, author of the Gone Fishing Trilogy, has completed her most recent book “Gone Fishing: The Sinker”:  the final instalment of the trilogy which transports readers back to Piney Bluffs as Ethel continues her search for her biological mother.

Jane Herr Desrosiers is thrilled to deliver to her readers the final installment in the Gone Fishing trilogy, Gone Fishing: The Sinker. She says, “The response that I have received from my readers has reinforced my passion for writing.”

Published by Fulton Books, Jane Herr Desrosiers’s book is the story of a young mother searching for answers to questions regarding her own mother, and a journey of discovery that yields answers and new meaning to her life and the lives of others around her.

On the eve of 1981, the drama continues to unfold in this, the third and final installment of the Gone Fishing trilogy, Gone Fishing: The Sinker. In this stunning finish, we follow Ethel as she endeavors to discover the identity of the other woman in the picture with her mother. This picture is the last unexplained item in a cherished collection of Ethel’s mother’s things. Will this unknown woman know the whereabouts of Ethel’s half sister? Will Ethel ever understand the circumstances that brought her mother to take a vow of silence? And who was in that terrible accident on that snowy evening? Did they survive? A world of adoption and a home for unwed mothers reveals to Ethel the true price her mother paid, as Ethel and her husband, Charlie, travel throughout New England to find the answers.

And through it all, the colorful characters of Piney Bluffs, beginning with Ethel’s Daddy, Eddy, and on to Caleb, Sadie, Miss Ruthie, Big Beulah, Ginny and the rest, remind Ethel of the goodness of small-town Maine that surrounds her as she follows her heart to the truth. This truth will give a voice to the silence of her mother’s past. Piney Bluffs, and its spirit, creativity, and Yankee ingenuity, is a blueprint for all small New England towns to embrace.

Readers who wish to experience this delightful and inspiring work can purchase “Gone Fishing: The Sinker” at http://www.janeherrdesrosiers.com, bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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